How To Stay Productive At Home During Quarantine?

by | Apr 18, 2020

Many People Are Wondering “How They Can STAY PRODUCTIVE AT HOME During Quarantine”. Now you might also be thinking the same… Aren’t you? Or Are you fully productive? I assume you’re not… that’s why you are here… But no need to worry, I have come up with the best ways to enhance your productivity and stay productive at your home during this “quarantine”.

Perks of Staying Productive At Home

So, at the first, why the heck should you even stay productive? Why not NETFLIX and CHILL? Why not Binge-Watch YouTube? Well, the answer is, (You Already Know It…. But still I would like to tell you this) Every super-successful Person Out There Have Laser-Beam Focus… Now, don’t take it in the wrong way… it’s not laser-beam focus on watching NETFLIX but laser-beam focus on GETTING THINGS DONE.

Here is why you shall stay productive:

  1. It Enhances Your Physical and Mental Health
  2. You, Will, Finish The Tasks That You’ve Been Procrastinating Since A Year Now
  3. You Can Live The Life To The Fullest
  4. And Many Many More…. [I can’t remember much… Kinda Einstein-Type Person 😀 ]

Challenges Of Staying Productive At Home

I know you’re facing different challenges which you’re trying to overcome during your quarantine but you are not being able to.

Now, let’s see some of the common and most dominant challenges while it comes to Staying Productive at Home.

1. Children

Now, this applies only to those who have children or siblings who are very young. Sometimes they come in between your work. Your LASER-BEAM Focus Get’s Disturbed. And, Research has proven that it takes at least 20 minutes to get into the same task if your focus is broken.

2. Parents

Don’t get me wrong here too…. I am not saying your parents are bad, I am just saying they are unconsciously disturbing your focus…. C’mon You Know What I Am Trying To SAY. So, yeah, Parents are also sometimes[actually many times] source of disturbance in between the work.

3. Lack of Work

I interviewed many people, and found, they actually want to be PRODUCTIVE but don’t have any work to be productive… Maybe the same case with you???

(Quick Solution To This Problem Is Watch This YouTube Channel, And Learn Something!!!)

4. Day Sleep

Because most of the time, I work from home, I had faced this issue few years back, I used to see my bed and I used to get lethargic and I used to go to sleep at the day time. Maybe you also have this problem.

Ways of Staying Productive at Home

Now we saw some of the major challenges of staying productive at Home, shall we also see some measures of overcoming these challenges when it comes to staying productive at home?

1. Pursue Your Passion

Many people say, “I don’t have time, I will do it when I have time”. Just my example, I used to say, “I will play guitar when I have time”. But then I realized, the problem wasn’t the lack of time but the problem was that I didn’t want to play the guitar actually. So, to be laser-beam focus, you must do what you love to do…. If you don’t know what you love to do, then your first work would be to figure out what you love to do.

2. Use “On Air” Signal

You remember, in stage performances or reality shows or media houses how they use On Air signal outside the door if they are recording? You can use the same concept in your room. Some of my friends use white flag outside their room which let’s other people in the house know that he/she is working and they shouldn’t disturb….. But you should tell all the people not to disturb when you have white flag outside the door.

3. Seperate Your Bed Room and Working Room

2 years back, I used to have 1 big room and in that same room, I had my bed and working table… But as I said, I always used to feel so much lethargic. Why?? Because, I could see that bed every time I work… So, I suggest you to have separate bedroom and workplace inside your home.

4. Have Self-Care Routine

Now What Do I Mean By Self-Care Routine? When it comes to Staying Productive At Home, We firstly feel too motivated and do too much of the work. Then slowly it starts to get overwhelmed…. You start to feel burnt out…. I have felt big (I mean very big) burn outs in my life…. They lasted for more than 2-3 months… When you go through such times, it will be very hard time for you…. So, it’s better to have self-care system so you don’t feel too overwhelmed…. Here are some examples of Self-Care Activities:

  1. Playing Solitaire With Real Cards
  2. Going For A Walk
  3. Read A Book
  4. Solving Rubik’s Cube
  5. Doing Push-Ups
  6. Playing with Pet
  7. Playing Guitar
  8. Watching Comedy Videos
  9. And Many More

This is my list of self-care activities, you have to create your own based on your interests.

Your Next Step?

Now, you know these ways to stay productive at home during quarantine. Now, take pen and paper and write these ways down…. Yes, good-old pen and paper…. Not your head…. Don’t just stuff into mind, write it down.


Okay, now go to this video right here, you will learn more techniques on GETTING THINGS DONE.

Go, now… click and watch it….

Also done?

That’s amazing!! Now, try these ways for the next 30 days… And let me know your progress in the comment section below…

I will see you in the next one….

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🖎Kovid Panthy


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