Kim J. Baaden

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Talking on “Entrepreneurial Leadership”

Mr. Kim J. Baaden, M.Sc., Germany, has extended experiences in different leadership roles, such as in the German Air Force, as an entrepreneur of several companies, in international development projects, as a director and club president in Rotary, in tourism and, in the youth sector. In Nepal alone, he has led more than 150 development projects and he has started 5 Interact and Rotaract Youth Clubs.

After a 5-years intensive research & development phase In leadership theory and practice, Kim has opened his latest entrepreneurial venture, a professional leadership training company with the name ‘Plus Leader P. Ltd.’. He seeks to make leadership research available to normal people in an understandable fun way. At the same time, he only allows leadership and soft skills concepts to be used which are proven to be highly effective by research. After such interactive training is taken, the well-prepared participants are encouraged to apply their learning in their own environment the next day.

Kim’s professional leadership training is targeted mainly towards the corporate sector. However, he also provides services to governments, INGOs, foreign missions, educational leaders and youths. Soft skills such as decision making, problem-solving, creativity, communication, team building, and many others are in his repertoire and supplement the leadership training.