Kaushal K. Gohil

Youth Panelist

Kaushal K. Gohil is a youth from India who is actively participating in different types of social works and working on different sectors to help other people and share awareness. Kaushal is an Indian resident who is living in a place called Ahmedabad in India. Kaushal is a founder of an initiative. It is named as Swa Sarjan International Foundation. He is also a President at Rotaract Club of Ahmedabad Narol. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Kaushal is one of the Youth Panelist. He will be answering the prevailing questions asked by the people in the conference regarding the Youth sector. He will be also discussing current issues like Youths in Nation Development, Protests, etc. Kaushal plans to be as more interactive as he can in the session.

He uses a hashtag to encourage all the youths to do something. i.e. #youcanitsthatsimple. He concludes by saying, “If you think and you want to do it, just do it. Nothing can stop you to do it.”