DISCOVER The Current Situation Of Women In STEM

by | Feb 13, 2020

What Actually Is Women In STEM ?

The participation of women in STEM which full form stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics has been predominated by men since the very beginning of the origin of these various fields of study.

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The gender disparity that continued for many centuries and that still remains in many parts of the world has been acting as a strong impediment in the empowerment of women in different fields.

Current Situation Of Women In STEM

The world has walked forward to a large extent facing multitudinous evolution in the preferences of the society that highly prioritized male as the supreme leader or participant of anything and everything.

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Today, as I am viewing the status of women in today’s context, we can proudly say that women are powerful, proficient and equally capable in comparison to men.

The society has moved a step forward and has provided women with many facilities to uplift their stances and prove themselves to the world. Today the participation of women in the field of STEM seems to be very active and appreciable unlike that in the past days.

What Does The Data Say?

According to a data received an American researcher, it was found that the percentage of PhDs in the U.S. earned by women in STEM field is about 42%. But whereas the percentage of PhDs in all fields earned by women is about 52%.

 Although comparatively low, the participation as well as the interest of women in STEM or the field of science and technology (in more descriptive way) is impressively increasing. Here is a fact sheet provided by UNESCO in March 2015 that presented the worldwide status:

Countries Percentage of researchers who are female
Central Asia 46%
World 30%
South and West Asia 20%
East Asia and the Pacific 20%

According to a research report by AAUW presents compelling evidence in quest of finding the certitude behind the very little participation of women in STEM.

 And it was found out that accessible profiles of eight key research findings that point to environmental and social barriers. This can include stereotypes, gender bias, and the climate of science and engineering departments in colleges and universities. These things may be the obstacle which continue to block women’s progress in STEM.

Many renowned and respective positions today are held by women. They have proved to the world that they truly deserve those designations.

Individual Role For The Development of Women In STEM

We hope that empowerment of women will always be at the heart of every global citizen and will be the core motive of all the NGOs and INGOs across the globe.

International YET Conference is moving forward bridging the gap between the youths and entrepreneurship and technology under which women of Nepal are on the top priority.

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