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Connecting Youths with Entrepreneurship and Technology


Pablo Marin

Pablo is considered a reference in Latin America as an Entrepreneur and as an emergent leader. He obtained a BA on Entrepreneurship at Tecnológico de Monterrey (#1 University in México), he also studied the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

So far he has launched 7 startups on different topics from Agriculture, E-commerce, Cloud services, Gourmet products, etc. Pablo is focused on E-government platforms and smart city tools working closely with governments to leverage the potential of citizen participation through the use of Artificial Intelligence and other tools.

He has given conferences up to 150 conferences for up to 85,000 entrepreneurs around the world. In 2010 Pablo was selected by the United Nations to become the youngest moderator at the World Youth Conference. In 2017 Pablo was invited as a Speaker at the World Economic Forum for Latin-American in Argentina and that same year the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development invited him to their annual event in Paris. Pablo has positioned himself as a reference for his generation as an entrepreneur and as a Leader across his generation. Since 2017 Pablo was invited to become part of the Global Shapers Community. Today he is the CEO of Pluralio and collaborates with several universities, mass media, non-profit and international organizations.