International Women’s Day: Evolution and Impact!!!

by | Mar 8, 2020

Women are the most significant and integral part of the population of any country and hold an extremely important role to play for the betterment and upliftment of the society. Let’s learn something about International Women’s Day.

Evolution Of International Women’s Day

The active participation of women in various developmental brings out the best results that drive society to prosperity.

International Women's Day

Thus, in order to celebrate the presence and admire the ceaseless efforts of this coterie of winsome people, every year International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide.

After the observance of the earliest women’s day called ‘National Woman’s Day’ in New York City on February 28, 1909.

The concept of celebrating a day to appreciate the efforts of women especially the labor women was introduced to the whole world.

International Women's Day

On the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference.

8th March, officially known as International as suggested by Clara Zetkin, a German revolutionary, the socialist and communist leader.

Status Of Women In Nepal

Talking about the status of women in Nepal, it has been raised up appreciably over many years.

The confinement and dominance of women due to various absurd reasons have ceased to an adequate extent.

Women are successfully representing the powerful, authoritative and executive designations in every sector of developmental activities.

Nepal has moved forward significantly in providing rights and respect to women against any violence or dominance.

Nepal too with great enthusiasm celebrates International Women’s Day.

It has also declared a public holiday on the occasion of this day dedicated especially to the working or career women.

Government with active collaboration with different INGOs, NGOs, UN agencies and bilateral and multilateral agencies organizes different activities and rallies on the propitious occasion of Women’s Day.

The involvement of women in different fields such as that of the entrepreneur is also quite appreciable and their active participation has highly contributed to inspiring others.

International Women's Day

The Nepal government has also included different rights that support every positive thing they wish to in order to benefit themselves and ultimately the entire society.

Women’s Possibility

Today, women are powerful, proficient and equally capable in comparison to men. Time has proved this to be absolutely true too.                   

Apart from being a mother, a sister, and a wife, today they have successfully represented themselves. Be it as a capable doctor, engineer, scientist or researcher, lawyer, artist, and political leader

Above all a proficient and dynamic, nimble as well as a vital member of the society.

Hence, wishing all the women across the world a very happy Women’s Day from the IYETC team.

Respecting their absolutely incredible presence I would like to hope for the limitless expansion of their success, betterment, prosperity, and happiness.

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International Women’s Day: Evolution and Impact!!!

Women are the most significant and integral part of the population of any country and hold an extremely important role to play for the betterment and upliftment of the society. Let's learn something about International Women's Day. Evolution Of International Women's...

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