Generational Change: Democracy Of Nepal

by | Feb 19, 2020

A fight for Democracy of Nepal, a fight for basic human rights. A struggle for making dreams of nation freedom come true. The scuffle among the freedom seekers and the nation’s leaders

These were the factors functioning as the dramatic integrands in the process of establishing the democracy of Nepal today.

The history of Nepal says it all: the struggle of people in order to achieve even the most fundamental and essential rights such as those to education, awareness, and freedom of speech were extremely coarse.

After being recognized as a sovereign state by Britain in 1923, Nepal also emerged out as an independent nation.

The declarant of Nepal as an independent sovereign state helped it receive opportunities to establish diplomatic relations with many countries on the international arena.

Democracy in Nepal
Democracy of Nepal

The channels to establish diplomatic relations with India also opened through that very asseveration.

But then established democracy was hanged to the nail of suspicions and doubts by the rising of Rana regime that ultimately snatched away all the fundamental rights and freedom of the public.

The 104 years long, tormenting and brutish rule of the Ranas took a sadistic pleasure with every teardrop that fell down from the eyes of Nepali citizens crashing their dreams and hopes of better and brighter future, with a taste of freedom.

But as it is known that light always follows the dark, the end of the autocratic Rana regime in 1950 once again restored the lost democracy of Nepal.

The tripartite agreement signed between the Ranas, King Tribhuvan and Nepali Congress highly contributed to returning back the democracy to Nepal with the king at the helm of the powers.

The first written and implemented constitution of Nepal, the Interim Government Act of Nepal was promulgated after the democracy was introduced in 2007 A.D.

It was during this time when Nepal got to further expose itself to international systems and also gain the membership of the United Nations in 1955.

The first-ever general election was held on February 18, 1959, for 109 seats and this led to the formation of the first-ever elected government of Nepal.

Nepali congress which won 74 seats got an opportunity to form the government with BP Koirala being the first elected prime minister of Nepal.

However, the struggles of the freedom fighters didn’t end simply with the formation of a generally elected government as it soon dissolved with the invocation of Article 55 of the constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal done by King Mahendra.

He banned all the political parties and put himself at the helm of entire powers.

Furthermore, once again a party-less governing system referred as the Panchayat system was introduced by King Mahendra and democracy in Nepal had to surrender itself to the hands of the Panchayati rulers and Nepali citizens once again shut their eyes in anguish.

Nepali people had to struggle for thirty years to restore the democracy which was established after the People’s Movement of 1990.

With the support of King Birendra, the end of the People’s Movement welcomed the restoration of democracy in Nepal once again.

The end of this movement was unfortunately not the end of the journey of the struggle between Nepalese.

Nepal had to witness another people’s movement after the demise of the royal family of King Birendra during the royal massacre.

King Gyanendra who took power after the massacre of King Birendra’s family, once again tried to reprimand the fundamental rights of people and then the People’s Movement 2 took place in 2006 which saw the downfall of the monarchy in Nepal.

Nepal was successful in establishing itself as the Federal Republic of Democratic Nepal.

Democracy In Nepal
Democracy in Nepal

The struggle and the disputes, the conflicts and the wrangles that the history of democracy in Nepal holds is not something simple and effortless.

It is something that the Nepali citizens fought for, achieved, lost more than once but never quite on fighting for and finally restored it and achieved victory.

It was not an easy task to fight and scream for the most basic human rights that included the freedom to speak, educate themselves and dream for a brighter future.

But what we see today doesn’t help us realize this very fact that democracy was not given, it was taken.

Democracy was bought by paying thousands of lives of people who had their own beautiful dreams of a better future, but they sacrificed their lives for the very better future of the nation.

The facilities provided by democracy that we are enjoying today was achieved by the blood, sweat and tears shed the past many generations and did not come for free.

Hence, it is high time for the national leaders, government, the citizens and the country as a whole to realize the dreams of those who fought for our better future: “A well-developed Nepal, where people can enjoy the fruits of freedom and give continuity to the nation’s progress.”

This is not the time to face political instability instead this is the time for Nepal to reorganize its democratic norms, values, and beliefs and act accordingly on them with efficacy and immense dedication.

Wishing everyone a happy democracy day from the IYETC team, and we pray for the betterment of Nepal in the upcoming years.

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