What Is The Importance Of Connecting The Dots?

by | Feb 16, 2020

This article is all about an aspect of creativity and that is, “Connecting The Dots”.

I just want to make a disclaimer here, this article is for those who love creativity and who understand creativity is not limited to arts and it can be utilized everywhere. Now that I have made this disclaimer, now I can continue my article.

I was just watching the speech of Steve Jobs, and suddenly this phrase inspired me to do more research on Connecting The Dots,

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.

Steve Jobs’ Speech At Stanford University

This saying by steve jobs had a deep impact on me. I did a lot of research on what actually connecting the dots mean. And I found something interesting that I’m going to share with you today!

What Does It Mean; Connecting The Dots?

Connecting The Dots isn’t a fancy term. It’s very simple yet very deep. So, according to my experience and research, this is what Connecting The Dots Mean.

Our lives are very much entangled with many different aspects. Either it is, business aspect, job aspect, intellectual aspect, spiritual aspect, health, relationship aspect, social aspect and so forth and so on. So, we can never say, “I will make my business better, nothing else matters to me”. Because whether you believe it or not, it is entangled very deeply that you should never try to separate any aspect.

So, Connecting The Dots means, instead of seeing these aspects in different forms, you must connect these and make certain links so that it will be easier to understand what’s going on and also will be easier to solve the problems that may arise.

HERE: Connecting The Dots Don’t Have Fixed Meaning

Some of you might be thinking, “Oh Kovid, C’mon, my definition of Connecting The Dots is totally different.” So, let me clarify this, the term Connecting The Dots don’t have a single meaning, the meaning of this term depends upon the person to person and situation to situation. Now, this term can be used within a macro level like whole life or within a micro level like creating business model. So, the definition I gave above is for a macro level.

Why Connect The Dots?

The short answer to this is, You Have To Do It. If not your life will mess you up. And To Elaborate This, I have a story to share with you.

Listen To My Story

5 Years back, I got my foot wet into Computer Programming. In Computer Programming I was having trouble with what to learn, either game development or web development, either machine learning or deep learning. 4 Years back, I got my foot wet into Music, I had trouble on what to learn, either piano or drum set, either vocal or flute.

3 Years back, I got my foot wet into digital media and online marketing. I got stuck on what to do, either affiliate marketing or SEO, either Facebook Ads or Google Ads.. 2 Years Back, I got my foot wet into Entrepreneurship, I was stuck on what to do, digital business or retail business (But I chose digital business). 1 Year Back, I got my foot wet into Copywriting and was stuck in if it was good to invest time in learning it or not? See, in our lives, we seem to have many dilemmas. It’s not the problem of only you and I. It is the problem of whole world. Specially youngsters, because this is the phase of trying…failing…trying…failing.

Why I am talking about dilemma? Because now I am going to CONNECT THE DOTS. Up to now, most of you will think there is no connection. But listen more. I was very stuck on those 5 years and last year as I came to know about connecting the dots, I thought, “Okay! How can this be relatable for me?” Then I realized I can actually connect all these things. Though I was in Dilemma then, I was actually building my portfolio of skills.

Let’s Connect The Dots In The Story

Now, these skills pay me with hard dollars. Why? Because I had built that portfolio of skillsets. Now, see did I know that these skills would help me? Hell, No! I had no clue on what is going to happen next.

I was so scared thinking I was wasting my time. Now when I connected the dots later, looking back (As Steve Jobs said), I came to know that it was a good decision on learning different things. If I knew this thing previously, I wouldn’t have those stress and dilemmas.

So, this is the difference in Connecting The Dots and Not Connecting The Dots. It makes our lives easier if we can connect the dots.

Why Is It Important?

Now, let’s come to the exact essence. Why Is Connecting The Dots So Important? Should I tell you this simply? In the simple form, it is important if you want your life to be running very smoothly. I am not saying all your troubles will be gone. What I am saying is you will learn to live the trouble with joy. You will enjoy the process.

But but but, there is something I must tell you, to connect the dots, you must know what are the dots. If you don’t know what the dots are again you will mess up all the things.

The dots here doesn’t represent any of your troubles or difficulties only, the dots represent all the things, but you must recognize and approve it that this is the actual dot. Sometimes, we can be in an illusion thinking that this is the dot but actually it is not.

Let Me Conclude This Within 1 Paragraph

So, overall, Connecting The Dots Is Very Important if you want to enjoy the process. If you know that someday you can connect the dots and realize what you are facing is simple and normal, like in my story, you will feel totally calmed when performing the action.

I also Connected The Dots At Micro level. That is YET. YET stands for Youth, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. You can also attend this if you want to learn more about Connecting The Dots. YET itself is a way through which we try to influence people and let them explore their connectivity. Whether it be social (With Corporate Houses) or intellectual. I will be dropping another article on Connecting The Dots On Micro Level very soon. Stay Tuned!

About The Writer

🖎Kovid Panthy

🖎Kovid Panthy


I am a Young Entrepreneur, Copywriter, Programming Tutor, and Marketing Consultant. Kovid Panthy was recognized as IBM Champion by IBM, Inc. I have received certifications and recognition for the works I have been doing in the fields of Technology and Entrepreneurship. Let's get connected, hit a comment on this article!

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What Is The Importance Of Connecting The Dots?

This article is all about an aspect of creativity and that is, "Connecting The Dots". I just want to make a disclaimer here, this article is for those who love creativity and who understand creativity is not limited to arts and it can be utilized everywhere. Now that...