Become An Entrepreneur During Quarantine

by | Apr 20, 2020

The COVID-19 is shaking the world, without people even being out of their house. While half of the world’s population is on some form of quarantine/lockdown, you can utilize this time and arise as an Entrepreneur.

What do you think does it take to become an Entrepreneur? Keep on reading to find out. During this time while many people are out there having difficulty in living their life, YOU can be the one doing things that will make your life a lot easier after this pandemic ends. 

Prerequisites of an Entrepreneur

According to me, things that you need to become an Entrepreneur are courage, dedication and innovative thinking.

  1. If you have the courage to do whatever it takes then you have already completed half of your journey to becoming an Entrepreneur. If you have the courage to believe in yourself, trust me you, yes YOU are already doing what everyone fears to do become successful in life.
  2. If you are dedicated to whatever you are doing there’s more probability that you will become successful. Dedicate your time, skill, love, etc to the work you are doing and the result will be in your favor.
  3. If you already have the courage and you are dedicated then now all you need to do is find your passion and put all your effort into that specific passion. If you have something that you are really passionate about then you need to start being innovative about it.

If you really think that you are going to be an Entrepreneur then you should start doing these things while being on quarantine:

  • Wake up early and get out of the bed. Don’t use your phone. Make up your bed as soon as you wake up, this will give you a sense of accomplishment and start your day positively.
  • Then I want you to meditate and do some form of exercise. This will help your mind and body to be sound. You are following me, right? Good. Now let’s get going.
  • After you have done the above-asked task now it’s time for you to think about your business and change the world.

Using Your Quarantine Time to start Your Business

  • Getting Started:

Ask yourself a question before you start,” Do I have enough knowledge and skills to make your business successful?”. Don’t you worry there isn’t any specific level of knowledge that you should have to make a business successful. But it doesn’t mean that you can carry on without having any knowledge. So now the thing you need to do us develop your skill if you already have some. If not then start learning. 

  • Setting Goals:

Make a list of goals that you want to do and also keep time frame. So that you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your progress. Wait a minute!!  Setting a goal doesn’t mean just set it, YOU need to complete it. For instance, you might set up a goal of completing reading a book in a week. Don’t sit and wait for 6 days thinking that you’ll read that book on the 7th day. Get out of your bed and start reading that book.

  • Business Planning:

Now you need to plan your business model. You need to think all the way from the beginning that how are you going to provide your goods or services to your customers, how you are going to handle the transactions done, etc. WELL there’s a good thing that you can learn each and every of those by just Googling it or searching on YouTube. 

  • Investing in Work from home technologies:

Since we are utilizing the quarantine time I encourage you to specifically focus on technologies that could be operated from home. As an Entrepreneur, you need to think differently and be well equipped with the technologies that will help you keep up with the competitive market.

After having all these things sorted out YOU ARE ONE STEP AHEAD TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR.

About The Writer

🖎Sapan Khadka

🖎Sapan Khadka


I am an undergraduate student currently studying at St. Xavier's College. A dreamer who is on the way to be a successful Entrepreneur.

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