International YET Conference

About Us – What Is It? How Is It Useful?

International YET Conference 

International YET Conference started with an initiating thought of making people aware of Entrepreneurship and Technology then the thought of making people aware of Entrepreneurship and Technology had helped to organize Internal YET Conference 2019 which was the first every conference from us. And it went successful in making people aware. The organizer of International YET Conference is Techsamaj Web Pvt. Ltd.

Organizing Company

Techsamaj Web Pvt. Ltd. is the organizing company of the International YET Conference! Techsamaj Web Pvt. Ltd. is a legally incorporated company under the main objective of Technology and it’s awareness. We from Techsamaj are continuously trying to make people aware of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Past Conferences

Through Techsamaj, we had recently and successfully completed the 2019-Version of International YET Conference 2020. It was named as Internal YET Conference 2019. The Joint Secretary at The Ministry Of Communications and IT, Government of Nepal had been welcomed as a Chief Guest of the event. There were 100+ Participants in the Internal YET Conference 2019. Companies like, IME Pay, Swift Technology, Nepal Telecommunications Authority, NTC, Kantipur City College, Neosphere, Right Path Career Counselling, View Your Choice, etc. had shown their support towards the event. 

Not. Just. Conference. It’s A FAMILY.

International YET Conference is like your family. What Do YOU Do In Your Family? – Maybe Relax, Share Experiences, Learn From Each Other, Help One Another, Sometimes be Competitors too wink but have a sense of helping though you are from the same industry? The same goes for International YET Conference. We are a FAMILY. We Share Experiences, We Learn From Each Other, We Help One Another, We Are Supportive, Sometimes We Are Competing But In A Collaborative Manner. You can feel the support if you attend the conference and follow-up and share your conditions with us. – So, let’s join the SQUAD – FAMILY – GROUP – You Name It.