7 Skills To Learn During Quarantine

by | Apr 22, 2020

How are your days going? The initial days might have been fun. Watching the movies and series off your watch lists, spending times with your family, playing games and so on. But after weeks of consuming the endless news and watching the graph where the curve keeps on growing, deep inside, you must be bored by now.

Feeling unproductive, feeling low or feeling anxious?

In these times, we must look for silver linings. Look at the free time you have got. Wake up and learn something new. Find and work on the skills that will add value to your life, so that after all this is over, you come out as a better person equipped with some new skills.

Remember the times when you need to upgrade the windows and you run the upgrades at nights while going to sleep, or when you need to download huge files and you run the download at night while you are sleeping. So, that when you wake up in the morning, everything is there ready for you. This is the night and the night may be long and dark. But this is the time to download new skills and upgrade to a better version of yourself.

Here is the list of skills you can learn during quarantine which will improve the quality of your life during and after the quarantine:

1. Meditating

Meditation is one of the best activities to reduce stress. Beside that, it also improves your mental health significantly. It will make your sleep quality better and you will have better clarity on your mind, emotion, and body.

So, if you are like one of those people, unable to gather your thoughts together during quarantine, try doing meditation.  It is the perfect way to relax your mind, calm anxieties and boost your mood.

Various apps are available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store that offer several types of meditations. Or there are many YouTube channels out there which will help you out on learning this skill.

2. Cooking

One of the best skills to learn during quarantine that will free you from relying on other people, cooking is a skill that seems to have fallen on the side in today’s era.

There are so many YouTube videos and blogs out there. Learn to cook something nice and give your family a treat.

So, this is the perfect time to learn cooking. You don’t know when next you will have this long vacation and if you are procrastinating this time, there is a high chance are you will never learn it.

3. Coding

If the current pandemic has made you think that you might want to switch to job where you can work remotely easily, then coding skills will certainly help and is one of the best skills to learn during quarantine.

Computer programming is one of the most popular skill with reasons as it is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Coding helps you think logically and either you want to build a website or you have an idea for an app, coding is something that you should definitely try out this quarantine.

Now there are different domains as web development, game development, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and so on and it might be really confusing where and how to start.

There are various programming languages you can learn to write code. I suggest you to get started with Python because it is powerful and easy to learn.

4. Being Productive

How much productive are you these days. For me, productivity is making most out of 24 hours of a day I have got.

Being productive is not only about always being busy on your work. It is about how you make the best use of the time you have got.

The first thing I would say here is, if the quarantine has wrecked your sleep time table, just fix it. You would not want this habit to stay after all this is over. Better kill it right now.

Learn to identify your passion , purpose and values. Get the self awareness in you and get a lot of things done in short time. And turn off the distractions.

Are you really being too much unproductive these days? Read How To Stay Productive At Home

5. A New Language

Learning a new language will always prove to be helpful. You can brag about to your friends. And honestly, there will be no better time to learn a new language than the quarantine. With a lot of websites offering thorough courses, it’s become very convenient for learners to take classes from home during the quarantine.

Becoming fluent in a completely new language will definitely add value to you and you might find that you’re suddenly much more in demand.

There are a lot of websites offering language courses and also there are many apps on the Play Store and App Store. Get started, and keep on practicing and when this ends, you will be able to speak one more language.

6. Writing

Writing is an art to put ideas in text. Learning to communicate effectively through writing is not as easy as it seems. Writing clearly and concisely are skills that take years of practice to get good at.

Writing helps you define your voice. It helps you get clarity on who you are and who you want to become. And if you fall in love with the craft, freelancing or submitting your works on different platforms can help you make extra cash.

You can even start a new blog. In today’s date, it’s not that hard to start a blog. Just search on the internet and you will get more than enough. So, start to learn this skill during the quarantine.

7. Learning How To Learn

So, I have saved this one for the last. Most of us think that we know how to learn and actually we are wrong.  As students we are always expected to learn but most of the times we are not taught how to learn.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” — Robert Greene.

We are living in the world where things are changing rapidly than ever before. And this is the same world where any information you want to know is just a click away. So, it’s a necessity today that we know how to learn new skills.

And this is the perfect time. You can change your habits, throw away the bad ones, get the good ones, learn what works for you and what not, defeat procrastination and learn new techniques to learn that work for you. When the world returns back to normal, you have this wonderful skill where you excel at learning skills.

Check out Learning How To Learn course on Coursera.

Before choosing which skill you’re actually interested in, I’d like you to first consider why you’re learning it in the first place. So, choose the skills you want to learn during the quarantine according to the benefits you’re looking for! If you didn’t manage to learn anything during this quarantine time, then its not that you never had time, you just didn’t have the respect for the time. And everybody should learn to respect the time, because “its the time that flies, and its us who are spent”.

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